Tuscola RAIDER Team Wins 1st Place!

On Saturday, our NC-075 RAIDER team participated in their first competition of the year; Erwin High School: “Hare in the Woods” Raider Meet.

Tuscola RAIDER Team wins Erwin Meet - 1st Place
Tuscola RAIDER Team wins Erwin Meet – 1st Place

Lt. Col. Kevin Sutton (Senior Aerospace Science Instructor) and I wish to thank Ms. Alma Amsler for volunteering to chaperone…she was a blessing to have with us today…thank you so much! OKAY…now to the results.

Wow!.!.! Congratulations NC-075 RAIDER TEAM MEMBERS…for making the commitment to the team…your hard word and dedication truly paid off today–as YOU left the event as the 1st PLACE WINNER!!! HOOAH!

Cadet MSgt Gage Dike truly prepared our Cadets to not just compete but WIN! Not only did we have the most teams; 4, but we defeated all branches of JROTC. Throughout the competition Tuscola NC-075 TEAM 1 lead the way; and ultimately brought home the TOP TROPHY. TEAM 1 was lead by Cadet 2nd Lt Jack Leslie; members were Cadet AB Bryson Winchester, Cadet AB Hunter Davis, and Cadet Amanda Ceron…superb team performance!

TEAM 2 was lead by Cadet MSgt Gage Dike; members were Cadet MSgt Matt Floyd, Cadet SSgt Troy Mason, and Cadet TSgt Kayla Hipp. TEAM 3 was lead by Cadet 2nd Lt Jonathan De La Cruz, members were Cadet 2nd Lt Nick Nicolas Stepp, Cadet TSgt Matthew Thompson, Cadet TSgt Mayra Rios, and Cadet AB Stormy Travis. TEAM 4 was lead by Cadet AB Cole Slater, members were Cadet AB Damien Velt, Cadet AB Elizabeth Bradley, and Cadet AB Joseph Miller.
ALL OF YOU…performed with awesome sportsmanship and gave everything you had. CONGRATULATIONS! 1ST PLACE WINNERS!

Monday morning, we will be presenting the 1st Place Trophy to our administration for posting it for viewing in A Bldg…Hooah!!!

Writer:  SMSgt Steve Robertson (Assistant Aerospace Science Instructor)

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